Ask the Napa grape grower…or a Colorado Angus rancher…and yes, the Bristol Bay fishermen & they’ll all tell you the same thing. That impeccable lineage, environment, and harvest are only the starting line for an outstanding product. It’s really all about handling – that truly is what elevates it to a spectacular finish. With Alaska Salmon this is especially so. Because unlike trellised fruit or grazing cattle this is a wild and natural bounty – one that must be sought out, landed, and rushed to shore for the finest result.

That’s where the Leader Creek advantage comes in. Situated on the doorstep of the legendary Bristol Bay salmon grounds, Leader Creek Fisheries is a cooperative between a select group of fishers and a modern, quality-minded processor. The harvestors utilize the highest standards and represent the only all-refrigerated fleet in Bristol Bay. The boats swiftly transport their catch to the Leader Creek facility where state of the art filleting, freezing, and packaging technology prepare the beautifully conditioned fish. The top grade fillets and portions are delivered to the end user in a condition that closely resembles the salmon as they come out of the water. And, off course, these superior Sockeye are the product of one of the best managed and most sustainable fisheries on earth.

We are proud to be a trusted partner with Leader Creek Fisheries and work in tandem to protect the quality of this select seafood.

Orca Bay carries Leader Creek Sockeye Salmon in 4,6,8,20 ounce fillet portions, skin-on, vacuum packed and also available as whole fillet sides.


Kid Friendly

Crispy Salmon BLT Sliders with Chipotle Mayo

Childhood obesity tripled from the 70s to the turn of the millennium. Portion control is an effective way of making sure our kids (and ourselves) stay within our recommended daily amount. While perusing the webs for delicious seafood recipes we fell in love with this salmon slider recipe from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. […]

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