Orca Bay Introduces New Line of Products with Revolutionary Packaging

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Renton, WA — March 4, 2009

SteamWell™ Cooking System Takes the Worry out of Preparing Seafood in the Microwave

Julia Child would have loved it - a technological enhancement to her classic Salmon en Papilloter (salmon cooked in paper).

Debuting a first in the fish industry, Orca Bay Seafoods introduces its new trademarked SteamWell® cooking system with three new products – two 5 oz. filets of Sockeye Salmon, Keta Salmon and Mahi Mahi in each vacuum package – featuring a new revolutionary “cook in steam package” designed by DuPont Teijin Films. Two more new SteamWell™ products – Tilapia and Flounder – feature CPT’s Fresh Wave “steam channel” film technology, which utilizes a patented micro-porous technology for venting steam from the package. The other five products in the new 10 oz. line, which is being introduced at the 2009 Natural Products Expo West show, are Ahi Tuna, Ocean Perch, Cod Fillets, Swordfish and Halibut in traditional vacuum packaging.

The first-ever packaging concept by DuPont Teijin Films provides a faster, more uniform cooking process for frozen fish, with cooking times reduced by almost 50 percent, according to Dave Pavlick, of Perftech, Inc. “We’ve noted two significant findings related to microwave cooking – the texture of the fish was more tender and soft when cooked in this new flexible package; and it was a faster, more uniform cooking process than when cooked in open air,” he said. “We’ve also found that fish does not adhere to the package and there was a noticeable difference in the pleasant cooking aroma when cooked in the DuPont Teijin Films™ package vs. no packaging in the microwave.”

Other product benefits of Orca Bay Seafoods’ SteamWell™ cooking process include the convenience of freezer to microwave oven with no touch, no cookware, no cleanup, and no hassle cooking for both the DuPont and CPT “cook in steam package” systems. Their respective self-venting features ensure a perfect cook each time.

The launch of our Orca Bay branded 10 oz. product line addresses our customers’ demands for high quality seafood products at affordable price points,” said Larry Williams, Director of Retail Sales and Marketing for Orca Bay Seafoods. “Food shoppers today are looking for convenience, safety and sustainability, so we’re making it easy for them to get all natural portion-controlled seafood that is high in nutritional benefits and doesn’t sacrifice taste.”

With Orca Bay’s SteamWell™ cooking system, there is no concern about handling raw foods or contaminating preparation or cooking surfaces. And it reduces packaging because there is no need for trays or additional packaging.

Because we have our own processing facility and handle about 30 million pounds of seafood a year, we can price our branded retail product at price points that are attractive to everyday shoppers,” Williams explained. “When these 10 products hit the freezer section of your grocery store in the May timeframe, you will be able to purchase the Tilapia, Flounder, Keta Salmon, Ahi Tuna and Ocean Perch in the $4.99 price range; the Sockeye Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Cod and Swordfish in the $7.99 price range; and the Halibut at $10.99.”

About Orca Bay Seafoods, Inc.

Orca Bay Seafoods is one of America’s largest producers of table-ready portion controlled seafood items. The company was founded in 1985 with the mission to provide great tasting, high quality, safe, consistent and reliable products to its food service, restaurant, retail and club store customers. Orca Bay has a global network of sources from which it purchases the highest quality of fish and shellfish. The products – including crab, scallops, tuna, salmon, swordfish, halibut and more – are frozen and hand-cut into single-serve portions in a state-of-the art facility located in Renton, just south of Seattle, Washington. The company sells 30 million pounds of seafood a year, with an annual revenue of $150 million. For more information, visit the company website at www.orcabayfoods.com.

About Perftech, Inc. / Advance Packaging Technologies

Perftech, Inc. is a leading designer of steam cooking systems for frozen and fresh food and an approved distributor of DuPont-Teijin Films™. Advance Packaging Technologies is a leading designer of specialty films and packaging with its own product development team. Together, they are experts in the engineering of permeation for flexible packaging. Their combined abilities allow for customizing both steam cooking and 10-K OTR solutions to the seafood industry.

About CPT’s “Fresh Wave” patented technology for venting steam

CPT’s steam pouch technology is a unique micro-porus technology that works in a time release action all through the cooking cycle (as opposed to Geyser style films that rupture and release all the pressure out of the package at once. Unlike other steam cooking technologies that utilize a pressure rupture or “delamination,” CPT’s “steam channel” film technology, Fresh Wave, utilizes a patented micro-porous technology for venting steam from the package. This micro-porous technology results in more evenly cooked foods in typically shorter cooking times versus traditional cooking methods and competitive steam film technologies.

By regulating how much steam can vent the package through the “micro pores,” in CPT’s exclusive “Time Release” design, more steam is actually retained in the package to help cook food from the “outside-in.” Microwave technology cooks food from the inside-out, so this “dual action, 2-way cooking” allows for more rapid cooking and retention of a food’s natural flavor, texture, and nutritional value. For more information, visit the company website at www.cptplastics.com.

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